Tantra Yoga


Tantra has been misunderstood by many, being only linked with sex, ignoring all of the other elements that enrich a life of those who follow it.

Because Tantra is a way of life. It’s about a strong connection with Shakti - the creation.

In this workshop you will experience a meditative yoga flow - which might be something you’ve never tried before.

Because this yoga - Tantra yoga - is about your energy, and not your muscles. We flow with asanas, allowing our mind and body to remain in a deep meditative state.

Despite using your muscles, you will learn how to stay relaxed and how to find bliss even when holding a pose.

This particular flow derives from Vedic tradition and is based on s
ome of the oldest texts on Yoga. It is designed to balance your prana - your life force energy.

We will start with a short discussion on Tantra and introduction to the flow that we will do together. And then we will immerse ourselves in 90 min gentle and healing yoga flow.

Stay open. Expect the unexpected. And experience what it’s like when you breathe Shakti and unite with the creative power of the Universe.

Sat Apr 16, 2016
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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15 Jalan Tempinis 1 , Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia